AAUW Wytheville is involved in several projects and programs.

AAUW Smart Start:

Voter Registration:

We hold our annual voter registration drive every year during the early fall at Wytheville Community College.  this year our branch member, Kathy Laster volunteered to head our voter registration drive.  and other members can sign up to assist with registration.  At, this year voter registration, members of our local club will assist with voter registration on October 4th and October 5, 2016 from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm.  We should be proud that AAUW  Wytheville has signed up well over 400 people since we started this community service project over 7 years ago!!

The Holiday Gift Card Collection for Family Resource Center (Wytheville)
We have a tradition of meeting in December at the Wytheville Library where we decorate the library tree and collect gift cards that are donated to the Family Resource Center.

See our book reading list for 2018. 


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